We help organisations make better decisions using all of their data

Our solutions empower organisations through AI-driven insights from all their data sources to drive improvements in strategy, insight and decision-making.

Who We Are

Today’s organisations are struggling to manage ever increasing volumes of complex data and need to make effective decisions quickly and accurately.

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Data Network technology streamlines data management for organisations by connecting data, enabling faster and easier access to relevant insights from complex datasets.

DeepMiner's technology reveals data relationships and new insights. Clear data connections uncover hidden patterns, driving value through data to accurately map the data environment.

What We Do

We drive value through data

Reducing inefficiency and poor data quality

DeepMiner eliminates data inefficiencies and inconsistencies caused by Data Silos, saving time and effort in managing multi-source data. We manage and remove duplicate, outdated, or inaccurate data to improve decision-making and prevent costly mistakes.

Delivering contextual insights

Data silos hinder comprehensive awareness of an organisation's operations and customers. DeepMiner enables identifying valuable patterns by analysing multiple data sets together providing understanding through context.

Driving Collaboration

Silos frustrate cross-functional collaboration, leading to missed opportunities and inefficiencies. DeepMiner promotes synergy and collaboration throughout organisations, through connected data, enabling the delivery of impactful outcomes.

How We Do it

We build strategic assets

We help organisations manage their complex data to drive insights and deliver their business goals

Better Decision Making

Analysis of the relationships between data, empowers organisations to be increasingly strategic through the use of rapid trend and pattern identification.

Saving Time and Human Intervention

DeepMiner significantly reduces human intervention allowing time and resource to be spent on higher-level tasks and strategic initiatives.

Identifying Relationships

DeepMiner looks at data holistically, revealing hidden patterns and insights that aren’t apparent in individual datasets

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Our technology optimises data management and analysis, enabling organisations to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Enhanced Search and Discovery

Real world data is messy and complex, We allow users to navigate through data finding relevant information promptly and effortlessly.

Integration of Data

Our technology can help organisations to integrate data from disparate sources, making it easier to access and analyse.

DeepMiner are building strategic assets to manage complex data to drive insights and deliver their business goals

DeepMiner is collaborating with a National Government to create a Data Spine which serves as a strategic asset for supporting economic policy and growth.

The Data Spine integrates and structures economic data and knowledge from a variety of sources. The Data Spine serves as a comprehensive and efficient way for policymakers to access and analyse data, facilitating informed decision-making, anticipating economic shocks, and planning appropriate policy responses.

The use of machine learning algorithms and simulations allows policymakers to model and evaluate the potential impact of different policy options, enabling the selection of the most suitable strategy. Ultimately, this Data Spine provides the Government with a powerful tool to drive sustainable economic growth.

DeepMiner is partnering with a multi-agency governmental organisation to build the Golden Record (GR) as a key strategic asset to promote economic development.

The GR offers an encyclopaedic view of client data, empowering economic development agencies to identify trends, developments and opportunities early. This facilitates the tailoring of marketing and outreach strategies, fosters client relationships, and drives public-private partnerships.

Through the centralisation and structuring of customer information in the GR, economic development agencies can make informed decisions that drive sustainable economic growth through a unified and collaborative approach.

DeepMiner offers a private search engine to boost organisational knowledge. Our search engine helps organisations enhance security and privacy by enabling employees to conduct online research and access information without the collection or storage of user data. This feature reduces the risk of sensitive information being exposed to third parties or being susceptible to cyber threats.

Additionally, our private search engine provides an unbiased and unfiltered search experience, eliminating echo chambers and targeted advertising. With a wider range of information and perspectives, employees can make better informed decisions and drive innovation within the organisation.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, DeepMiner solutions are designed to work alongside your existing software solutions and databases. There is no need to replace any of your current systems.

Yes, DeepMiner has been designed to be deployed as a private network viewable by those with the correct permission within your organisation or those affiliated.

Yes, DeepMiner works hard to ensure your data is held in a secure private network, and we are more than happy to discuss security arrangements with you.

Yes, the system is GDPR compliant: all data is held in the UK and we are able to work alongside your Data Protection Officer to ensure we meet your standards.

Whilst DeepMiner uses our proven technology to solve your business problems, each solution is designed to your specifications, giving unique insights into your data.

Contact us! We will work with you to understand your business and propose how we can help support your data transition and journey.


Our hard-working team

Duncan Hart


Co-founder Duncan brings 27+ years of business experience to help solve strategic issues for our customers.

Áine Uí Ghiollagáin


Co-founder of the company, Áine is CTO of DeepMiner with experience in data science, systems architecture, product design and databases.

Rod MacDougall

Senior Developer

Rod has over 25 years' experience in Software Engineering and Software Development.

Lindsey Mackie

Data Scientist

Lindsey’s background in Game Development brings a unique perspective to our R & D.

Tim Clarke

Data Scientist

Tim is an anthropologist who uses NLP to give extraordinary insight into fundamental questions.


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